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Our Products

Our range is cherished among the clients for its quality. For biotechnological advancements and cosmetic industry, we are engaged in putting forward superior array of:

  • Essential Oils/Aroma Oils
  • Reagent And Kits
  • Food And Water Testing Lab Instruments
  • Bio Tech. Lab Instruments
  • Microbiology Lab Equipment
  • Pet Care Diagnostic Lab Equipment

Our Services

For technological growth of our country, we, with the assistance of adroit professionals, are engrossed in rendering the following services:

  • Biotech Training
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Microbial Cultures For Etp And Stp
  • Bioinformatics Training And Projects
  • Analytical Testing

Significance of R&D in Biotechnology

The future is going to be a complete intersection of biology and technological advancements. Here in India, when students step out of their academic institutions they feel difficult to keep pace with variations in industrial demands. We, as a promoter of scientific researches, are attempting to fill the gaps between academic studies and industrial requirements. We ensure to inculcate essential skills in the students that will be helpful for them to fulfill the industrial demands. Our company provides Biotech training and analytical testing services for both academic institutions as well as industries. For this, since our establishment, we have conducted many workshops, seminars and conferences in major universities of India for creating awareness about biotechnology. Some of them are listed below:

  • Delhi University (DU)
  • Galgotias University
  • Amity University
  • Rajasthan University
  • Monad University
  • Shobhit Unversity
  • Garhwal University
  • U.P.T.U affiliated colleges
  • Noida International University
  • C.C.S.University affiliated colleges

Training Sessions

Mentioned below is a list of 1-2 months training sessions:

  • Advanced RDT
  • Chromatography
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Fermentation Technology & Downstream Processing
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Immuno technology
  • Microbial Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology & Genomic
  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Proteomics & Enzymology
  • Self- Employment Generation Modules

Research Activity At Our Unit

Since the establishment of our company in 2007, we are growing impressively and utilizing advanced biological technologies, that assist us in producing best-in-class products and meet the upcoming challenges. Our research center is divided in three divisions namely, Agriculture Bio-tech Division that centers two major issues of which first one being the separation of anti fungal proteins from plant excerpts, so as to produce effective as well as cost-efficient pesticides and the second one being separation of mutant cyanobacterial strains that are found to be tolerable against agrochemicals, so as to develop fruitful bio-fertilizers, Environmental Bio-tech Division whose focal point is the characterization and separation of microbes that are effective enough to degrade all sort of waste matter , which therefore renders great environmental protection along with Eco-efficient industrial waste matter degradation and Industrial Bio-tech Division that centers on producing feasible industrial products with the help of microbes.

Scientific Highlights

Agriculture Bio-tech Division- one of the most serious issues of agricultural sector is the application of Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, for which our R&D experts are working impressively on characterizing various plant extracts such as Quisqualis indica Linn, Calotropis procera Ait, Achyranthes aspera Linn, Ocimum sanctum Linn, Launaea nudicaulis (Linn) Hook, Syzygium cumini L, Bauhinia variegate L, Psidium guajava L., Carica papaya L., Callistemon lanceolatus (Sm) Sweet and Polyalthia longifolia L, etc, which are further inspected, so as to get positive and flawless result.
Environment Bio-tech Division- Due to the debasement of natural environment, we are working on the concept of degrading waste matter employing biological process and on various microbial strains like Trichoderma spp. Saccharomyces spp., Bacillus spp., Pseudomonas spp, Streptobacilli, etc, that are effective enough to degrade domestic as well as industrial waste in the most possible and Eco-friendly manner.
Industrial Bio-tech Division- professionals involved in this division, focuses on developing effective as well as economical production and purification acts for industrial goods and it is worthwhile to mention that we have applied for commercial projects Patents right.


To finely execute various tasks and projects, we have developed a state of the art laboratory that is led by talented and proficient scientists who are well versed with the standards of the discipline and possess various research patents and publications credit. We also encourage students to plan, develop and design personalized projects and to work in close coordination with our professionals.
Some major projects ongoing from 2-6 months are mentioned below:

  • RTD Genomics
    • DNA Profiling and finger printing of various microbes and species
    • Molecular biology techniques
    • Isolation of gene of interest from bacteria via PCR
    • Study of molecular markers in crop plant
    • Transformation and cloning of gene of interest.
  • Proteomics
    • Analytical profiling of proteins in plants after usage of hormones and pesticides
    • Study of herbs as anti microbial agents
    • Protein finger printing in plants
    • Isolation and purification of of protein enzymes from plant tissues
    • Study protein polymorphism related to abiotic stress
  • Fuel Bio-tech
    • Studies on Lining degrading microbes
    • Study of microbes useful in ethanol production
    • Bio-ethanol production from agricultural waste.
    • Bio-butanol production from wastes
    • Bio-conversion of waste from Bio fuels into economically important products
  • Industrial Bio tech
    • Production of Antibiotics
    • Production of Organic Acids
    • Bacterial Secondary metabolite production
    • Production of Beverages
    • Production of Enzymes
  • Environmental Bio tech
    • Studies on microbial degradation of oil
    • Studies on lead Bio remediation
    • Studies on microbial degradation of waste plastic / thermocol
    • Studies on industrial dye/effluent degradation
  • Medical /Immunology
    • Isolation and Purification of Immunoglobins
    • Analysis of clinical samples in diagnosis of diseases
    • Purification of IG
    • Analysis of different parameters leading to dental caries
    • Analysis of Ayurveda drugs
    • Screening of antibiotics again resistant bacterial infections
  • Plant & Agriculture Bio tech
    • Allelopathic behavior of medicinal plant species on some traditional agriculture crops.
    • Importance of BGA as bio fertilizer
    • Enhancing the effect of botanical as bio fungicide / bio pesticide
    • Analysis of effectiveness of different bio fungicide on plant pathogen
  • Bio informatics
    • Design and search for the inhibitors against the selected novel drug target proteins from the databanks
    • Structure based drug design / Computer based drug design.
    • Database development
  • IPR
    • Patent landscaping
    • Patent search for specific disease type

Oils and Aromatics

To treat human diseases what can be more useful than essential oils and their constituents. These products exhibit various properties from treating cancer to cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and thrombosis, along with bio-activity of antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidants and anti diabetic agents. Due to their large benefits, they are used as skin penetration enhancers for trans dermal drug delivery. And we specialize in offering a huge spectrum of Oils and Aromatics. These are developed by our diligent team of professionals using quality materials and are even inspected before dispatching.

Environment Solution

Our domain of expertise lies in providing various services for environmental solutions and protection such as Effluent Treatments, Waste Water Management and Solid Waste. Along with this, we also render all types of laboratory services as well as essential equipments and chemical solutions that finds suitability in this discipline. The foremost mission of our company is to make environment cleaner, safer and working areas effective and responsible. To accomplish our mission, we develop, design and install various treatment plants that can manage solids as well as waste water, in compliance to industrial and environmental standards. Since every industry or factory differs from each other, thus, we as per the demands of the customers and usability gives consultancy and the areas in which we offer the same are listed below:
  • Disinfection plants
  • Environmental Audit
  • Industrial and domestic Water requirement envisaging and Water Balance preparation
  • Operation and maintenance of Water and Waste water treatment plants
  • Rain water harvesting and storm water management
  • Revamping of existing treatment plants
  • Water Audit
  • Water Foot Print Studies
  • Water treatment Plants and Filtration Units.